The Nuclear Virtual Engineering Capability (NVEC) is a Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) funded programme and is part of a UK government research initiative with the aim of developing a platform which through collaborative working across the supply chain and lifecycle will:

  • Further develop the Phase 1 integrated digital framework to support future nuclear reactor build, from design through to decommissioning
  • Provide infrastructures and architecture to enable users across the nuclear life cycle to collaborate between sites, operate digital twins, integrate analysis codes and computer-aided design, provide innovative solutions to manage ‘big data’, and ultimately to achieve real economic benefits through nuclear virtual engineering
  • Support the establishment of a strong UK nuclear manufacturing and materials supply chain
  • Demonstrate benefits in innovative, collaborative networks, economic cost savings, accuracy, safety and reliability
  • Help to ensure that the UK has a secure and resilient energy system while keeping energy bills as low as possible

Phase 2

The project aims are to demonstrate that NVEC can:

  • Utilise real project applications
  • Demonstrate improved efficiency
  • Enable supply chain collaboration
  • Be embraced to the nuclear community
  • Develop and support a user community for the future
  • Position the UK as a leader in Digital Twin and Virtual Engineering

Phase 1

The aim of our phase 1 activity was to demonstrate that the concept of an Integrated Nuclear Digital Environment (INDE) is:

  • feasible,
  • acceptable to the nuclear community,
  • sufficiently credible to develop and support a Community of Practice for the future,
  • able to position the UK as leading in digital reactor design.


Working together to make the UK a world-leader in nuclear science and technology.
Wood PLC
Virtual Engineering Centre
EDF Energy
Rolls Royce
National Nuclear Laboratory
Nuclear ARMC
NVEC has the potential to enable new and more efficient ways of working throughout the supply chain
Craig Hamer

Technical lead, NAMRC