Developments & Publications

Architecture & GUI development

NVEC prototype environment

The highly flexible architecture of the NVEC prototype environment involves a set of core services forming the backbone for collaborative Virtual Engineering applications.

The Data System enables the management of data from various sources realising a ‘Single Source of Truth’. Simulations and analyses are integrated with the data management through the Execution System providing the foundation of Digital Twin implementations.

Highly complex analyses linking potentially several codes can be performed, distributed across different locations, through the Run-Time-Infrastructure as part of a High Level Architecture (HLA) approach.

Key activities, such as data management and setup of analyses are controlled through the Graphical User Interface (GUI).

Future developments envisage the combination of multiple sets of the core NVEC services enabling a project-optimised and truly cross-organisational setup of the NVEC environment. Flexible deployment in the cloud or on-premise allows different preferences of collaborators including security requirements. High Performance Computing facilities can be utilised by projects in an efficient manner. The integration of live data from assets through the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) provides a crucial element for the development of Digital Twins.”



Data can be managed via branches and checkpoints, to enable more representative change control across large, multidisciplinary teams. This data can be built into hierarchies to support any end-need, whether a top-down view of the Bill of Materials, a subset of that acts as the input to an analysis, or a view that collates the data for a particular domain, all based on the same, agreed and up-to-date, underlying figures.

Project publications

Phase 2 NVEC / DRD

Presentation to Institute of Physics, 22 October 2019

Phase 1 Virtual Engineering

Modelling in Nuclear Science and Engineering 2018 – Advancing Certainty to Reduce Risks and Costs, Nuclear Institute. Manchester, UK, 17 October 2018

Phase 1 Digital Reactor Design Meeting

Progress Meeting and Demonstrations
Liverpool, 27 September 2018

Phase 1 Uncertainty in Digital Reactor Design

Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Nuclear Power Plants: Structures, Risk & Decommissioning NUPP 2018, Croydon, London, 11-13 June 2018.

Digital Reactor Design - Capability Mapping

Project Report, 11 May 2018

Phase 1 Digital Reactor Design Meeting

Engagement and Review Workshop
London, 3 May 2018

Phase 1 Digital Reactor Design

IOP Topical Research Meeting on Physics. Innovation. Nuclear
Manchester, 1-2 Nov 2017

Phase 1 The UK National Program R&D on Digital Nuclear Reactor Design

Transactions of the American Nuclear Society, Vol.117, Washington, D.C.,
October 29-November 2, 2017